Naval Special Warfare Command


“Man, Train, Equip, Deploy and Sustain Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Forces for operations and US_Naval_Special_Warfare_Command__NSWC___Emblem__1.5_.png activities abroad in support of Combatant Commanders and U.S. National Interests.”

Established April 16, 1987, Naval Special Warfare Command is the Navy’s special operations force and the maritime component of United States Special Operations Command. The NSW community is organized around ten SEAL teams, one SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) team, three special boat teams, six PALADIN teams and supporting commands which deploy forces worldwide. The community is comprised of approximately 9,200 total personnel including more than 2,700 active-duty Special Warfare Operators, 700 Special Warfare Boat Operators (SWCC), 700 reserve personnel, 4,000 support personnel and more than 1,100 civilians.

NSW is postured to fight a globally-dispersed enemy, whether ashore or afloat, before they can act. NSW forces can operate in small groups and have a continuous presence overseas with their ability to quickly deploy from Navy ships, submarines and aircraft, overseas bases and forward-based units. The proven ability of NSW forces to operate across the spectrum of conflict and in operations other than war, and provide real-time, first-hand intelligence offer decision makers immediate and multiple options in the face of rapidly changing crises around the world.

Naval Special Warfare Command

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