History & Mission

PALADIN stands for Psionic Attack, Liquidation, Deterrence and Incursion Network. On March 1, 1986, PALADIN was founded by the Foreign Intelligence Committee and approved by President Reagan as a Special Forces operations group for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Originally, it was comprised of CIA executive level members whose primary mission was to identify and recruit potential candidates from the Stargate Project who exhibited advanced psionic abilities. These candidates were trained as Special Operations soldiers among the various service branches and then placed into service with CIA field operatives conducting covert military operations around the world.

By the time of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, PALADIN consisted of four fully operational units whose mission was to:

  • Unconventional Warfare (UW) – Using guerilla warfare tactics in battle. Guerilla warfare is characterized by small, mobile combat groups that operate using often “unorthodox” battle methods like destroying enemy supplies, creating diversions, ambushing small enemy units, demolitions, and other “hit and run” types of operations.
  • Direct Action (DA) – Moving against an enemy target. This may include assaults on land- or water-based targets, hostage rescues, ambushes, etc.
  • Counterterrorism (CT) – Includes direct action against terrorist operations, antiterrorist actions for preventing terrorist acts, and protecting citizens and troops.
  • Special Reconnaissance (SR) – Includes conducting preliminary surveys to gather information, manning observation posts, and other types of surveillance, both overt and covert, where the goal is to gather information.This may include gathering hydrographic data (beach and water surveys) for landings or following an enemy unit and reporting its position.

In 2011 PALADIN operatives in Pakistan used tactically located mind scans to locate Osama Bin Laden and executed a raid on his compound leading to his death.

In 2013, PALADIN operatives assigned to telepathically scan the minds of foreign Kopye scientists discover the Russian’s research linking development of psionic abilities in adolescents exposed to the Chelyabinsk meteor.

PALADIN operatives bring a number of Indonesian citizens into the Stargate Project whose psionic abilities were widely publicized after the Indonesia Event.

Beginning in 2028, the Stargate Project monitors a dramatic spike in the number of psionic events and correlates it to fallout from the Wild 2 comet.

Increased psionic occurrences around the world prompts the creation of the Impact Event Task Force (IETF) in 2029 under the Secretary of the Navy. PALADIN is reassigned to the Naval Special Warfare Command and brought in tandem with the Navy SEALS. Their mission is expanded to include the identification, capture or elimination of foreign psionic programs and targets.


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