Extinction Event is an alphabet soup of Dark Champions subgenres: Espionage, Military Action/Special Ops, and Weird Conspiracy. It takes place in a near-future alternate earth using the Hero System 6E rules. Player characters are initially created using 225 character points, 50 limitations and power levels are managed using the Characteristic Maxima Rules.

Campaign Background

In Extinction Event, no “super” powers/abilities existed prior to exposure to asteroid impact events beginning with the Tunguska Event in 1908. Additional impact events primarily related to the fragments from the Wild 2 comet were linked to outbreaks of psychokinetic and other Psionic abilities predominantly in adolescents close to the impact sites. As the world prepared for a likely extinction level asteroid hit on the earth, psionic abilities continued to appear around the globe.

The U.S. government attempted to capitalize of these new abilities by creating the Stargate Project, a CIA run program used to identify people with Psionic powers, conduct research into the phenomena and exploit the potential benefits of those powers. The program was very successful, and in 2006, the CIA recruited members of the project to create a new Special Ops unit of the CIA code named PALADIN.

The Kopye Project, a coalition of scientist from the world’s industrial powers, were successful in destroying the Wild 2 comet, but fallout from the comet fell to earth over several years. The fallout has continued to produce psionic abilities around the globe. The U.S. government views the development of these abilities by foreign nationals, especially in rogue states or states unfriendly to United States’ interests as a threat to national security. Player characters in the campaign are members of PALADIN whose expanded mission is to identify, capture or eliminate foreign Psionics programs and individuals developing these abilities.

see the Wiki for a timeline of events leading to present day 2042.

Hero System In Two Pages

Here is a helpful link to get you familiar with the basic mechanics of the Hero System Game. This reference is available for free download at Drive Thru RPG.

Extinction Event

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