Mission 2-Tunguska


Dr. Mikhail Domashev was a leading Russian scientist for the Kopye project who opposed its disbandment, believing that the international team should remain together to study the fallout from the Wild 2 comet. As such, he covertly communicated with many of his old colleagues and has researched links between the comet’s fallout and the advent of psionic powers.

As a senior member of the Russian scientific team studying the phenomena, he has been assigned to an exploratory team going to Siberia, the site of the Tunguska meteor explosion, where Russian satellites detected a potential remnant of the meteorite.

Dr. Domashev believes that the Russians will continue to hide behind national security to conceal their findings from the world’s scientific community. As a scientist, the doctor believes that secrecy has the potential to retard progress in the scientific understanding of the psionic phenomena.

Three weeks ago, Dr. Domashev reached out to a close friend and colleague, a Norwegian Geneticist named Dr. Lars Danielsen working for the Center of Genetics Research in Munich Germany. Mikhail shared his concern about his suspicions that the Russians intend to keep their findings secret.

The NSA intercepted Dr. Domashev’s communication and worked with the German intelligence service and MI-6 to contact Dr. Domashev and convince him to disclose the location of the meteorite fragment and recruit his help in obtaining it. The U.S. government assured Mikhail that the fragment would be shared with the academic community for further study and that its findings would be made public.


PALADIN has been asked to make contact with Dr. Domashev in Tunguska, infiltrate the Russian site, covertly replace the Tunguska meteorite fragment with a fake and return the Tunguska meteorite to the United States for further study.

UAV_ASDV.jpgThe team will infiltrate Russian Airspace in a CQ-4 Unmanned Air Delivery Vehicle, HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) into a site three miles from the rendezvous point with Dr. Domashev and proceed to the site to meet with him. The doctor will provide real time intelligence about the compound and provide any assistance necessary to gain entry into the facility.

Once in possession of the meteorite fragment, the team will proceed to the extract point approximately eight miles from the compound, where Sgt. Gordon Freeman will use his portal ability to return to the CQ-4 conducting a low altitude extraction pass.

PALADIN will provide satellite support for the operation as needed.

Rules of Engagement

The PALADIN team will not engage Russian forces or civilians unless fired upon. They are to avoid detection and make the meteor switch without the Russians’ knowledge.


The Russian’s have approximate a force of 50 regular army and support personnel at the compound. Additionally, there are three Makarov 771 Military Jeeps used for patrols, and a Mil 24 Attack Helicopter.

There are three villages within a ten mile radius of the compound. Avoid contact or detection by the local population.

Mission 2-Tunguska

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