Mission 1-Operation Holy Prize


Over the last six months, Al-Shabaab under the leadership of a new religious leader, Mohammed Ali Al-Hazmi, has made significant territorial gains into neighboring Kenya, bringing an area the size of the State of Georgia under their control.

This recent success is increasing Al-Shabaab’s ranks with new foreign mujahideen fighters flooding into the country from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia as well as new converts from Kenya and local Somalis. These military successes are increasing the threat to regional stability and have increased terrorist attacks in Kenya, Ethiopia and TFG controlled areas.

The Stargate Project Psionicists have identified Al-Hazmi as having Psionic abilities, no doubt aiding him in his rise to power. We do not know his abilities or his psionic capability, but he has already proven to be a capable threat to U.S. interest in the region.

Until yesterday, CIA attempts to gather intelligence on Al-Hazmi had not been fruitful. He surrounds himself by only his most trusted men. He never spends more than a night at a single place and has no fixed places of residence, relying on local supporters to provide for his food and lodging. He uses no cellular, radio or telephone communication of any kind, but is believed to use a complex network of old-world methods including carrier pigeons, runners, and smoke signals thereby making our electronic detection methods obsolete.


The CIA has learned where Al-Hazni will be in two nights. They have identified an industrial compound in the Al-Shabaab controlled city of Kismaayo where he will be spending the night after doing a sermon at the Jubbada Hose Mosque.

PALADIN has been tasked to capture Al-Hazni and bring him into custody.

Your team will deploy from the USS Alexandria nuclear submarine two miles off the coast of Somalia in the Indian Ocean. You will proceed using a SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) to approach the coastline under the cover of darkness, infiltrate the compound, locate and capture Al-Hazmi. Once you have him in custody, return to the coastline where you will be extracted by helicopter.

Rules of Engagement

Kismaayo is a heavily populated city, and there is a likelihood that Al-Hazmi will surround himself with “human-shields” to prevent air attacks. Your team is to avoid civilian casualties, otherwise you are free to use whatever force necessary to apprehend Al-Hazni.

Stealth is of upmost importance as you will likely be heavily outnumbered by Al-Shabbab forces. A night incursion will minimize the number of combatants and stealth will help to keep it that way. Avoid detection if at all possible. The U.S. government does not wish to be identified as having captured Al-Hazni.


Identified threats are likely to come from well armed, combat trained, foot-infantry carrying small arms, including RPGs, Ak-74, Light Machine Guns and grenades. Al-Shabaab members vary in their allegiance and commitment to the organization. Those closest to Al-Hazni are likely to be fanatical while other troops may be easily routed given a superior force or firepower.

Vehicles include unarmored pick-up trucks sometimes armed with Heavy Machine Guns or used as personnel carriers.

Expect local population to be armed but not overly supportive of Al-Shabbab and is presumed not to be a threat. However, not all Al-Shabbab members will be in uniform. Most will be in civilian clothes. As mentioned, avoid civilian casualties, but be quick to ascertain non-uniformed combatants.

Mission 1-Operation Holy Prize

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